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[VANCOUVER, OCTOBER 17, 2023] — Levr.ai, a trailblazing financial technology (fintech) company, is proud to continue its mission-driven commitment to revolutionize small business financing. With an unwavering dedication to supporting entrepreneurs and small business, levr.ai has developed cutting-edge solutions building the ecosystem for business debt capital markets.

After announcing its successful pre-seed raise of $1 million, Levr.ai accepted an additional $200,000 adding two new investors WUTIF from British Columbia, Canada and Colopl Next headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. This additional investment closed Levr.ai’s pre-seed raise to $1.4 million total. Levr.ai is now ready to kick-off its Seed raise activities from global investors. 

Since its inception, Levr.ai has achieved significant growth, underscoring its commitment to small businesses and innovative financing solutions. Over 1,000+ small businesses use Levr.ai to understand their lending options from over 35 strategic lender partners on its platform. In 2023, Levr.ai saw $200,000,000+ in loan requested value flow through its platform with user-signup volume growing as much as 30% month over month. 

In September 2023 the company’s operational footprint expanded to serve small businesses in the United States. This is made possible by working with funding giants like OnDeck US, 8fig, and many more. Head of Partnerships, Shane Stoneman says “the company is continually exploring new opportunities to extend its reach to provide more and better financial solutions to small and medium businesses.” 

At the heart of levr.ai’s mission is a dedicated and innovative team of experts who are passionate about making a difference in the world of small business financing. The company’s founders, Kaylan Pepin CEO and Roman Hartmann CTO, bring a wealth of experience in both finance and technology, and they have assembled a diverse team of A-players with deep expertise in both finance and have successful track-records helping to build great software at companies like Shopify, Wave Financial (acquired by H&R Block), Malwarebytes, Unbounce, Klue and many more well-known SaaS companies.  

Levr.ai’s flagship product, Intelligent Loans Marketplace, is a game-changer in the world of small business financing. Built on cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, its proprietary  recommendation engine streamlines the lending process for small businesses, making it faster, more accessible, and more transparent than ever before.

Key features already available from Levr.ai include:

  • Understanding Loan Eligibility: Small business owners can quickly determine their eligibility for loans from over 35+ lender partners without impacting their credit score, thanks to its Intelligent Loan Marketplace advanced algorithms.
  • Free Resources for Faster Approvals: All Levr.ai’s users can take advantage of its robust free Resource Center to answer nearly any question businesses have about organizing a successful loan application for faster funding. 
  • Personalized Support: Levr.ai’s team of financial experts is always ready to provide personalized guidance to help businesses make the best financial decisions. Led by its Head of Business Development Tara Benson, with over 10+ years of business lending experience at some of North America’s biggest banks like CIBC and BDC. 

Small businesses are the backbone of economies worldwide, and access to financing is crucial for their growth and survival. There are nearly 34 million businesses in Canada and the United States alone, and 11.5 million of these businesses apply for a loan every year with 25 million businesses already managing existing debt. 

The National Small Business Association (NSBA) reports that nearly one-third of small businesses consider access to capital as the most significant challenge faced by small and medium businesses (1). Despite these challenges, the SBA highlights that small businesses create nearly two-thirds of net new jobs in the United States (2). This is one of the many reasons why Levr.ai is looking to build an umbrella of capital debt management solutions to help small businesses leverage debt capital markets like titans of industry do everyday. With approximately 82% of business term loans now funded by non-bank lenders (3), a single, easy to use platform powered by technology like Levr.ai is overdue in the marketplace. 

Levr.ai’s Head of Marketing Jennifer Daly, remarks “Levr.ai is democratizing or more simply ‘lowering the barrier of entry’ to capital for businesses on its platform. The platform collectively enables small businesses the buying power accessible to bigger enterprises.” As an early employee on Shopify’s growth team that worked on its sales channel integrations with Amazon, Meta, Pinterest and more she continues to say “This is what Shopify successfully achieved with the use of new technology to rapidly advance the ecommerce industry and I’m excited to do the same at Levr.ai in the realm of small business finance.” 

Moving forward Levr.ai remains committed to its mission of empowering small businesses and enabling their growth. The company’s innovative products and dedicated team are poised to make an even greater impact on the world of small business financing in the next 2 years. This has Levr.ai well-positioned as they kick off their seed funding raise activities seeking $3 million.

Kaylan Pepin, co-founder and CEO concluded, “our growth has validated that small and medium businesses need technology to assess and improve their financial position. We’re celebrating our first 1,000 users and excited to scale out our platform to help every small businesses in Canada and the United States looking to improve and take control of their debt.”

Levr.ai’s mission is clear and resolute: to empower small businesses by providing them with the financial tools and resources they need to thrive and grow. The company believes that every small business deserves an opportunity to succeed, and it is committed to breaking down the barriers that have traditionally hindered their access to capital.

To learn more about Levr.ai, visit www.levr.ai or [email protected] to speak to a member of the team. 

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