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Better Financing: The Missing Piece

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For most business lending companies the tech stack used to support its finance business is quite complex, it’s like one of those 1,000 piece puzzles. It’s fun to think about, everyone wants to get it right but it’s typically overwhelming, often for experts only and pieces you think are going to fit—don’t.

With so many software systems available to operate and support borrowers and lenders, it’s noisy and challenging to get it right. Borrowers have to navigate payment systems, accounting software, and bank account data simply to manage their finances. On the other side, lenders rely on Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Loan Origination Software (LOS), and Loan Management Software (LMS) to process, approve, and manage loans. Each set of systems performs efficiently within its domain.

A crucial piece has been conspicuously absent—an intelligent facilitator in the middle, where the tech stacks used to manage these two groups of users converge and interact.

The Puzzle of Financial Tech Integration: Bridging the Divide

For most players in the finance industry they rely on fixed direct APIs endpoints to connect borrower data to lender software systems. Yet, challenges to bridge the gap persist: data translation issues, security concerns, and the intricate dance of gaining and retaining client trust.

The best solution isn’t merely in connecting two points, but also in translating and packaging data in a format that’s both digestible and actionable to efficiently grow and scale the financial industry. Enter Levr.ai, the missing piece powered by AI providing lenders an intelligent and robust financial software ecosystem.

Levr.ai is building the vital facilitation third-party systems need. It meticulously translates and packages borrower data to supercharge the loan application process and experience for lenders.

Levr.ai has been building out its AI-powered platform since 2021, and has worked with thousands of small businesses across North America. Powering the application intake process for more than 50 lender partners, Levr.ai understands the art and science of loan data packaging. Lenders receiving applications via Levr.ai find that client loan packages are complete, and are in excellent shape resulting in higher conversion rates to funding. This efficiency often outperforms traditional business development team efforts and significantly trims the need for the time spent on manual administrative tasks.

The Power of Comprehensive Support

The once protracted process of requesting, gathering, and verifying documents is redefined. Loans that would normally take weeks, will now transition from application to funding stage within 1-2 business days. This expedited process is made possible by Levr.ai as it provides borrowers with exceptional support, helping them build trust with clients. It’s amazing to see the impact of having all necessary resources to complete an application on pipeline conversion.

Levr.ai’s unique SaaS strategy includes application intake software built for lenders, enabling them to receive complete loan packages. Every attachment, signature, and necessary field is meticulously checked for completeness. Any missing elements are easily flagged for improvement, fostering accountability on both sides of the transaction.

Levr.ai: Standing at the Front Lines

While traditional software systems operate behind the lenders’ firewalls, Levr.ai positions itself at the forefront—between borrowers and lenders. Its role is pivotal: facilitating the transfer of data and ensuring seamless communication. The beauty of Levr.ai’s system lies in its simplicity, getting started is a breeze and doesn’t require extensive change management.

The Future Is Here: No More Missing Pieces

Levr.ai offers the ability to integrate effortlessly with existing CRM, LOS, and LMS systems. APIs from Levr.ai can push data into these systems for storage, maintaining the integrity and security of information. With Levr.ai, the missing piece of the financial puzzle has been found, and it’s fitting perfectly into place, heralding a new era of streamlined, secure, and rapid financing.

Levr.ai is not just another fintech provider—it’s the embodiment of a vision that financial transactions are seamless, and the flow of data is intuitive. For businesses and lenders alike, Levr.ai is more than just a convenience—it’s a transformative shift towards a more connected and efficient financial future. With Levr.ai, the final piece is in place, and the picture of hassle-free financing is now complete.

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